What Happens When Someone Dies?

3 Steps for Dying at Home

In a Hospital (expected)

When someone dies in a hospital, there is no rush to have them removed from there, as most hospitals have a morgue where they will keep your loved one.

You may wish to go and say your goodbyes there, or wait till they come into the Funeral Directors care, totally up to you and there is no rush.

Once you have given your Funeral Director the approval to take your loved one into care, they will organise a transfer within the next 24hours. You will be required to sign an Authority to Collect form which gives permission for the hospital to release your loved one into their care.

The hospital will provide the relevant paperwork for either the cremation or burial to your Funeral Director.

In a Nursing Home (expected)

If your loved one passes away in a nursing home, the staff will organise the Doctor to complete the paperwork for either a burial or cremation.

They will have your nominated Funeral Directors details on hand, and will call them to advise.

Most nursing homes don't have the facilities to keep your loved one for a long time, so this normally happens within 4 hours where your loved one will come into the care of the Funeral Director.

If you have time, you can go to the nursing home, or you can wait for them to come into the Funeral Directors care to be able to come and say your goodbyes.

At Home (expected)

If your loved ones wishes is to die at home, then you will need to communicate this with your doctor.  Once they do pass away, then you will need to call your doctor to advise.

Please take your time here, as your loved one does not have to be taken away straight away.  Just open the window, and take your time, maybe give them a sponge bath and just allow them to leave this earth when they want to.

Once the doctor comes to issues the relevant paperwork, then your Funeral Director will organise to come and take them into care. This is really important as we can't move the body without paperwork from the doctor.  If you can't get a hold of your doctor, then you will need to call 000 and they will be able to help out, but normally the Police will be called and the Coroner. (see below for next steps)

Access to the bedroom or place where your loved one is where our team of 2 people will be able to prepare your loved one for transfer.  You may wish to be present or wait in the lounge room. 

At Home or Outside the Home (unexpected)

If your loved one passes unexpectedly or through self harm, then you will need to call 000, as the case will automatically go to the Coroners and the Police will need to come and take statements.  They normally send a certain type of Police to handle these types of events, if they are available in your area.

Your loved one will be taken by the Coroners to the closest Coroners Morgue, and will be handled by Coroners team.  Once they give your Funeral Director the approval to take them into care, they will collect them from the morgue.

At this point you may wish to be able to see them at the Coroners or wait till they come into care of your Funeral Director.

The Coroner will issue the relevant paperwork for Cremation or Burial.

Please note that this process can take up to 2 weeks, depending on how busy the Coroners are, and there is no way of quickening this up.

You will be assigned a case worker and they will be able to assist you through the process of the Coroners, and they are just beautiful people.

Your Funeral Director will also liaise with the Coroners about taking your loved one into their care, so you don't have to worry about anything.

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