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Tap a Little Contribution

Helping families through the financial stress of losing a loves one.


Our mission is to allow communities, friends, family, work colleagues to help out families financially through the difficult time of losing a loved one. 

By everyone contributing a little, will allow the family not to worry about the cost of the funeral service or wake.  Families may also wish to donate the money to a charity of their choice instead or if there is a greater amount contributed, then this will go to the charity of choice.

Help raise funds for:

A Charity of Choice

The Funeral

The Wake

As seen in:

Sydney Funerals TLC
Sydney Funerals TLC
Sydney Funerals TLC
Sydney Funerals TLC
Sydney Funerals TLC

Heres how it works:

Step 2:        Decide where the money raised will be used for; Funeral, Wake, Charity or All 3

Step 1:        Contact your Funeral Director or Funeral Celebrant

You can select the money raise can go to either area, but you just need to confirm, so that all the communication is clear to the people making the contributions.

If you choose to nominate to a Charity, we will contact them to obtain any marketing material or wording that is relevant to the charity, so that people know who they are contributing to.  The donation to the charity will be made on behalf of the families name.

Step 3:        Confirm the Charity of Choice

Step 4:        Confirm if you want a link only, a terminal or both

Some people choose to only have a link for pre and post services, and some choose to only have a terminal at the service, but you can also choose to have both.

Step 5:        The link for the service will be sent to you and the Funeral Director for distributing

You will receive a link which will be set up as a dedicated link for your loved on.  This link can be used across all platforms.


Sydney Funerals TLC
Sydney Funerals TLC


Sydney Funerals TLC

Step 6:        Your terminal and communications will be on site (if selected)

The terminal and PoS material will be as follows:

Sydney Funerals TLC
You can Insert
Sydney Funerals TLC
Phone Tap
Sydney Funerals TLC
Sydney Funerals TLC

A3 Table Top Card and 100 Bookmarks

Sydney Funerals TLC
Sydney Funerals TLC

A receipt can printed out for each transaction. A total receipt will be printed at the end of the service.

The Terminal will accept all cards and phones. A 2.2% processing fee from the provider will be charged on all transactions.

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