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Direct Cremations

with the Sydney Funeral Co.  

At Sydney Funerals Co. we believe in open and transparent pricing.  We also believe that families shouldn't be over-charged for the basic service of a Direct Cremation - No Service No Attendance No Viewings.

What is a Direct Cremation?

A Direct Cremation is where there is no service no attendance and no viewings.

So what actually happens?

Once your loved one has passed, they will then come into our gentle care from their place of death.

We then gather all the documentation from the coroners or hospital.

You will then sign some documents to authorise the cremation.

Cremation will then take place within 24-48hours of paperwork all being completed.

The ashes will then be ready to collect 48hours following cremation.

$260     Transfer into our care (M-F, 9-4)
$65        Death Certificate Application from the BDM
$150     Cremation Coffin
$495     Cremation @ Sydney Funeral Co.  
$846     Company Service Fee
$1,816     Sub Total
$182         GST            
$1,998     Total

Additional elements may be charged:

Coming from a Public Hospital

+$110 - Cremation Permits 


Coming from a Nursing Home, Home, Private Hospital

+$110 - Cremation Permits 

+$160 - Dr's Cremation Permits

+$270 - In total

+$150 - After Hours Transfers M-F, 4pm-9am

+$250 - After Hours Transfer Weekends

+$200 - Regional Transfer within 200kms 

+$150 - Transfer into care on a Public Holiday

+$220 - Mortuary Care - if they are in our care for more than 5 days due to family, medical or coroners delay 

+POA - delivery of ashes to home or via postage, no charge if you collect them from our facilities/offices

Direct Cremation 

No Service No Attendance No Viewing


Step 1

Go to our website

Go to Sydney Funeral Co. website


Step 2

Complete the Contact Us form

Simply complete the information requested on the contact us page with as much detail as possible. 

We may need to give you a call depending on the location of your loved one, or if there is more information required.


Step 3

You will receive a link

You will receive a link to complete some information gathering of your love one, plus some information that the Births Deaths and Marriages requires.  Complete as much as you can before you submit.

Step 4

Select your choices

With a direct cremation, there isn't many options to choose from, but you can select anything you wish for of course.


Step 5

You will receive a phone call

Once you have entered everything, you will receive a call from our team just to confirm everything is in order and to ensure you haven't missed anything.  We will explain the next steps and what will happen from here.  You can call us 24hours a day to ask as many questions, and also if you wish to meet up, we are more than happy to.

Step 6


Once everything is confirmed, you will be sent some forms to sign on the screen, phone or tablet.  One form may need to be witnessed by an authority witness, but we will explain how this works.

(please note one form will need to be witnessed)


Step 7

The Cremation

The cremation will most likely take place 24-48hours after everything has been signed off, and all the paperwork is in order.

We will advise you of a estimated time for cremation to allow you to stop, reflect, light a candle, raise a glass for your love one.

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