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Earn up to $1,300 per funeral

So you're interested in earning up to $1,300 per funeral?  Great!!

Celebrant Fee - $800

Referral Fee    - $500   

Total Fee         - $1,300

Plus GST if you collect it

Here's how it works:

As a Celebrant you have 4 options:


Option1 - Celebrant Only Fee

If SFCo appoints you to a ceremony to conduct, you will be paid $800+gst per service.

Option 2 - Referral Only Fee 

For any Celebrant referring a funeral, you will receive a $500+gst referral fee as a Thank You.

(As the service maybe held in a church, you may not be able to actually conduct the service)

Option 3 - Referral and Celebrant Fee

For any Celebrant referring and conducting a funeral, you will receive $1,300+gst fee for your services.

Option 4 - Donate your fee to your family

If you wish to donate either one of these fees to save the family money you can do that too, but that is your call.  They maybe your family, friends or colleagues family and you may wish to help them out.

It is really a simple model, that doesn't need complicating.

No commissions charged either!

Still Interested, simply register below, and then we will catch up on a zoom meeting.

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