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Calling all
Funeral Directors, Celebrants and Funeral Industry Professionals
Expression of Interest

Why not join:

Sydney Funerals Co
Sydney Funerals Co
Sydney Funerals Co
Sydney Funerals Co

So you're interested in becoming a funeral director or going out on your own?

We have spent the past 3 years building a trusted, distinctive brand in the Sydney market, which has had great success.   We are now ranked in the top 5 funeral companies in Sydney metro with more than 60+ 5star Google reviews.

We’re now looking to take this to the next level and are seeking enthusiastic, self motivated and driven Funeral Directors to expand and grow across the Greater Sydney area. 

We are seeking those who want to help drive change in the industry, offering our families choice and affordability when it comes to funerals. We are looking for people that want to work with their community to be able to offer a better way when it comes to after death care.

What are we looking for, people who:

- Want to grow/launch their own brand/business and be your own boss
- Committed to networking to drive awareness of your business
- Self motivated and can work alone and as part of a team
- Highly organised and detail orientated
- Good technical and computer literacy skills
- Community minded and love being part of it
- Passionate about authentic and transparent after death care

- Propelled to help drive change in this industry
- High level of emotional intelligence to work alongside loved ones at their time of need and provide a professional service  
- Physically fit and capable of manual handling tasks including heavy lifting at times
- Work as many hours per week that is most suitable for you
- Commitment to work as part of a vibrant and professional team that supports each other across all services offered, including assisting on each other’s funerals when required

- Plus you can charge what you want for your fees *

What we provide you:

- all the information on how to manage a funeral from start to finish

- a software program that is simple, user friendly, and self serve for your family

- a dedicated team to support you at every funeral service (no training of assistance at every funeral)

- a pricing model that is transparent, so much so, we actually publish it on our website in full.

- a company with 3 hearse vehicles, an actual office and all the support elements involved with a funeral service

- a dedicated list of approved suppliers to ensure we deliver every time; from florist, printers, AV, livestream, transfer teams, celebrants, singers.

​- we pay for all suppliers, so you don't have to worry about the accounts, debtors, creditors etc etc, we manage it all

- we have PLI for all funerals and the elements

- the owner actually works in the business and will attend all funerals where possible

- plus we have fun along the way!

What you don't have to do:

- be frustrated in your current company or business

- you don't have to train staff as part of your FD duties at every funeral

- manage any accounts, processes, BDM or administration

- no weekly team meetings to discuss how 

- no weekly reports

- work with people you don't like working with

There will 8 zones in Sydney and one on the central coast. 


There will be a maximum of 2 FD's in any zone at once.

- Eastern Suburbs - City/East
- Southern Shire - Cronulla
- South West - Campbelltown 
- Western Suburbs - Penrith
- North West - Castle Hill
- Northern Beaches - Manly
- Inner West - Leichhardt
- Middle West - Liverpool
- Central Coast (to be confirmed)


Sydney Funerals Co


Simply register below and we will come back to you shortly to catch up to see how we can work together.

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Q. Who is the Sydney Funeral Co. ?

A.  The Sydney Funeral Co. was set up by Scott Duncombe - a Funeral Director, Funeral Celebrant and Wedding Celebrant in Sydney.  Click here to see my LinkedIn Bio.

Q. Where are they based?

A.  The head office is based in Haberfield in the Inner West.  They use mortuaries and/or facilities at Baulkham Hills, Narellan, Gosford and Kingsgrove.  We service everywhere from Central Coast, Southern Highlands, South Coast, Blue Mountains and all of the Sydney Metro.

Q. Do they own anything?

A.  The Sydney Funeral Co. is an actual Funeral Director, that has an office, 3 hearse vehicles plus 2 mourning vehicles.  At this stage we do outsource our mortuary preparation to 3rd parties, to keep the cost down for our families.

Q. Will I become an employee?

A.  This role is a subcontractor role, which means you are working for yourself and tapping into our system and process.  You will need to have ABN or ACN to be able to operate in this position.  As a sub-contractor you will need to follow all the local laws and governance around being a sub-contractor.

Q. How will I get funerals given to me?

A.  You will receive funerals in various forms and from various channels, but ultimately you are your own boss and you will seek, network, be apart of community, align with church, community groups or from your local area to enable people to know you are a Funeral Director.

Q. How do the fees structure work?

A. Based on how the referral comes to you, will determine the fee paid.  All the fees are set out above.  If you bring the funeral in, you will be paid full rates.  If the funeral is given to you from the company, then the fee is reduced to cover the cost of where the referral came from. As the Sydney Funeral Co. will continue to grow the brand,  this all comes at a cost.  For some channels there is zero cost, but others there is a large cost per referral or acquisition.

Q. What do I need to have?

A. You will need the following tools to be able to perform this role:

- Vehicle

- Laptop/iPad/Tablet that allows signatures on screen and be connected to the internet

- Qualifications to be able to sign a Statutory Declaration

- Good attitude and work ethic

Q. What will Sydney Funeral Co. provide?

A. You will receive the following:

- business cards, name badge and brochures

- training on funeral software (easy software)

- training on how to conduct a funeral

- training on how to network and connect with the community

- video promotions and filming to promote

- administration and back office support

- sales presenter folder and all the tools and options for families.

- an office to meet families at if required

Q. Are the service fees negotiable?

A. We understand for some families the cost of a funeral was not expected, not budgeted for, or there are hardship scenarios.  We will always try and help a family, but if the price is discounted, it will be discounted across all fees that are internal cost, eg Company service, Celebrant, Arranger, Hearse, Mourning Vehicles.  Each zone will have different clientele, so we may need to adjust for each region.

Q. Is Sydney Funeral Co. fully insured?

A. Yes we are covered for all general insurance for Funeral Director, Hearse/Vehicles and Public Liability.  Workers Cover will be covered off by the individual and we can assist in setting this up.  We have a $20m PLI policy.

Q. What areas will I work in?

A. We will align you with the community you live in. The 8 areas are as follows:

- Eastern Suburbs - City

- Southern Shire - Cronulla

- South West - Campbelltown 

- Western Suburbs - Penrith

- North West - Castle Hill

- Northern Beaches - Manly

- Inner West - Leichhardt

- Middle West - Liverpool

- Central Coast - Gosford 

However this is no limited if you receive a referral from your networks, you can go across territories, but we respectfully ask that you don't canvas other areas.

Q. The Finer Details of the Finance

Here are the financials?

You will be set up as a sub contractor (what is a sub-contractor), and you be running this is as your own business, tapping into a system that will help you grow your business in your area.  You should live within your region so that you get to know, grow, hear and be part of the community.

As the Sydney Funeral Co. will be doing the advertising to ensure the funerals come in the front door, this does come at a massive cost.  So there is a small fee for this for each funeral that is passed onto you. 

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