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With Covid set to be with us for the next few weeks, months, years, plus not knowing when restrictions will ease or come back overnight, we offer to our families the option of bringing the funeral to peoples homes. (subject to restrictions)

Online Meeting


Meet with us via Zoom

We will send you a link to complete the information gathering first.  Then meet you and the family via Zoom to finalise the details.  If it is a cremation, we will have you sign the documentation when we see you on the day, plus sign all the other documents required.


Prepare the Journey

We then plan the final journey for your loved one by selecting up to 5 residence or locations of your choice (within Sydney Metro).  Where we will be live-streaming the journey from start to finish.

Father and Son Using GPS



We then arrive at your choice of location. You have 3hours allocated so you can you can spend 15-20mins at each location or be in one location.  Everyone can say some words, a prayer or just be present.

This may vary of course, and you may wish to have your Priest, Minister or Celebrant present.


Saying Goodbyes

With restrictions in place, we will adhere to the numbers allowed.  You can take your time and have a small ceremony, lay some flowers, listen to some music or just say a prayer.

This can be live-streamed to the rest of the family if you choose.


Photographed pre-Covid, for illustration purposes



When the time comes, we will quietly leave your home/location, and move onto the next home/location or to their final resting place.


Below is a cost estimate, as we can customised any journey required.  The below pricing allows for up to 5 stops or 3 hours within the Sydney Metro area. Additional stops can be arranged for a small fee.


$250    -  Transfer into our care
$439    -  Mortuary Care & Preparation
$60      -  Death Certificate from BDM
$360    -  Standard Coffin - Richmond
$800    -  Celebrant/Clergy Fee
$1,500 -  Hearse with Live-stream (up to 6hrs)
$200    -  Flowers

$540    -  Pallbearers
$2,500 - Company Service Fee

$6,649         -   Sub Total
$664.90       -   GST                
$7,313.90    -   Total


$250    -  Transfer into our care
$439    -  Mortuary Care & Preparation
$60      -  Death Certificate from BDM
$360    -  Standard Coffin - Richmond
$260    -  Dr’s Cremation Certificates
$540    -  Cremation Fee
$800    -  Celebrant/Clergy Fee
$1,500 -  Hearse with live-stream (up to 6hrs) 
$200    -  Flowers
$2,500 - Company Service Fee


$6909        -   Sub Total
$690.90     -   GST                
$7,599.90  -   Total